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When you exceed 30, something happens: those gold watches, in the longest time, mens watches gold you not only do not feel dissatisfied, it starts to look cool. Maybe it's a few extra pounds that start to wreak around the strange white hair in your abdomen or beard, but when you reach the thirties there will be some changes, which makes the gold watch even appealing to those who denied them many years ago. force. For me, it's a mens watches gold chronograph with a brown alligator strap. Ok, this is a rare weatherproof Compax. Specifically, although it is 38 mm in diameter, this watch still exists. When I was wearing more events, I began to realize that people were only attracted to it. It's as if they can't help themselves move the clunky steel diver's watch from the salesman's wrist mens luxury watches to this slim, almost horrible gold chronograph. Oh, the fact that men born after 1977 have added its charm (or I have gathered). This is the life of a man with a gold watch. You are often confused with more mature, richer, and more secular versions of yourself. do you know? After a while, you may grow into a better version. In fact, gold watches make sense from a design and economic point unique mens watches of view. People under the age of 60 are rarely worn; when they do, it is usually a rapper and the size of the watch is the same as that of a puck. But a skinny guy wearing a slim gold watch? Now is the class.

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